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All data is taken directly from the Blizzard Auction Data API and gets updated roughly once per hour - more importantly: the page will automatically analyze the newest data if you leave the tab opened. Select your realm, the professions you'd like to inspect and an expansion level and you're ready to go! Invalid region-realm pair. Last update Next update. Missing profession selection. Settings Search. Settings Every change made will be saved instantly but may require a page reload or another search to be visible.

Click here to view the changelog. Changelog Expulsom worth can now automatically be calculated based on your servers economy. Error loading data learn what to do now verify your data is correct manually verify the Blizzard API is available: visit does. Then this server might just be under heavy load Most recent changes All 8.In this post we will take a deeper dive into the pricing settings of TSM.

I will go through the most important value sources in TSM and show you how you can utilize them in your operations. Pricing in TSM is based on a text field. You can enter a fixed gold value, or you can use the built in value sources in TSM. The value sources offer a much more flexible approach as they use the TSM database to get prices related to the specific items in your groups.

Value sources are an incredibly important concept in TSM. Value sources are variables that refer to a specific number related to an item.

They have descriptive names that you can refer to directly in the pricing string box. The advantage of a value source is that it will be evaluated separately for every item. This means you can use pricing settings with value sources and it will use the TSM database and desktop application to ensure that your operations reflect any changes in the price. When used in an operation that is applied to a group with a lot of items TSM will automatically calculate the value sources separately for each item.

So any source that is based on the market value of an item will only apply to that item, this is the largest advantage of this approach as it ensures you can use one operation for a lot of different items. Dbminbuyout refers to the minimum buyout on the auction house. Dbmarket represents the market value of an item. It is calculated through a slightly complicated algorithm. You can find the description here.

Dbhistorical is very similar to dbmarket, except it is based on the average over the last 90 days, which makes it much more stable. This can be great for old world materials for instance, as they will typically fluctuate less than current expansion materials.

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Dbregionmarketavg represents the average Dbmarket across your region. This is the average sale price for your region. I am not currently using this one in any of my operations, but I did use it in my transmog operation when I was active in that market. Crafting is one of the most useful value sources in TSM.

It represents the crafting cost of a crafted item. It then multiplies the required materials with the material cost for the materials. The default string for the material costs can be found under crafting in TSM.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

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TSM4 Guide Part 9: Crafting and crafting operations

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Kul Tiran Alchemy Sanguinated Expulsion. Kul Tiran Enchanting 1 1 In this post I will do some math to try to figure out how much expulsom it makes sense to craft in preparation for 8. If you want to craft the new recipes that need expulsom you will want to be ready with the expulsom ahead of time as otherwise you will have to spend too much time.

When the new recipes come out there will be a race to get the items on the AH as fast as possible. Competition will of course quickly develop and profit margins will most likely not be exorbitant, but we can expect them to be high.

Demand will most likely be fairly strong for the new recipes as players rush to get the best gear, consumables and enchants that money can buy.

Obviously all the new Notorious combatant gear requires expulsom. The required amounts are all completely similar to the quantities needed for Sinister combatant gear. This means you will need expulsom for each of the armor professions. Outside of the new notorious combatant gear the only relevant goldmaking recipe that requires expulsom is the new Inscription item level trinkets. Stocking only makes sense if you have a decent amount of gold.

The new materials will be a major bottleneck, you have to be rich enough to buy volumes of the new mats. Otherwise it is pointless. This will also impact how much you should stock up. Back in Legion the region market price for the new ore Stabilized at 50 gold for the first two months of Argus.

At that point a token was about k.

5 Ways To Make MILLIONS Of Gold in WoW: BfA

For the first two weeks the price was at gold though, and this is when the largest profits can be made. If we assume that a token represents roughly the same amount of value now then an estimate for the price of the new Osmenite ore would be about 80 gold. The combatant items require up to 25 Osmenite ore.

So that would put the cost from for one item for the Osmenite. You will want enough for 5 of each item type if you really want to go in, which would be in the k range. So you need to be close to this level of gold for it to make sense.

On average the Notorious gear requires 3 expulsom each. You want to stock up at least 5 of each on day one to get a good spread of stat combinations and you want to restock as soon as they sell. The armor professions have the following recipe counts which gives the Expulsom amount you want in the rightmost column, assuming you have rank 1 recipes.

If you want to have enough for the first month I would go up to 20 of each item as a nice baseline, that would put you at a total of 2 Expulsom. To craft that you need to scrap roughly 15 Tidespray Bracers. This will let you craft away rather than waiting for your expulsom crafting to finish before you post stuff to the auction house.The typical enchanting shuffle in BfA has been well known for quite a well.

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You craft either leatherworking or tailoring bracers, disenchant the rare procs and you can either disenchant the uncommons or scrap them for expulsom. Personally I prefer to scrap the greens for explusom and use that to craft Combatant gear, and I expect this will be the best use for expulsom in 8. The idea is to first craft the basic uncommon bracers. You will most likely be most profitable if you craft the Tidespray bracers as they are typically cheaper.

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After crafting them you disenchant the blues, which will give you 1,5 each of Umbra Shards and Gloom Dust as well as 0, Veiled crystals per disenchant assuming you have the tool of the trade, which you really need for this. Then you craft the Honorable Combatant rank 3 bracers. Most likely it will be the leather armguards that are cheapest as Tempest hide is very cheap.

expulsom price

You can check it out here. You do have to manually input the material prices on your realm, but that should be pretty simple. It will tell you which bracers are best and if any of the steps are not profitable. My personal opinion is that you will most likely be able to generate a higher return using expulsom for other crafts. You could of course just disenchant all the greens as well and up with a ton more gloom dust, so the opportunity cost should be considered. This shuffle does have some advantages though.

It can be done at much lower volume than you need to do to really get into Combatant gear crafting. This shuffle can be done in smaller batches, and you will usually turn a profit just from disenchanting the rare procs as the umbra shards are quite valuable.

I find the bracer shuffle very time consuming. As such I have personally only bothered with it for expulsom. The time spent is not worth it though as I could usually barely craft the expulsom I needed as it is. With 8. This should bring the shuffle right back into the fore.Custom prices allow you to highly customize and tightly control your TradeSkillMaster price settings.

This page contains detailed information on all the features which custom prices provide. If you're just getting started, or if you know exactly what the price should be, you can simply use a fixed gold amount. There are multiple price sources which you can use in your custom prices.

The first word in the list is the key which you can include in your custom price. The keys are not case sensitive.

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Global prices are an average of both Region prices of the same category. Below is a sample list yours may be different :. The min and max functions are provided which will evaluate to the lowest or highest of the parameters respectively. If any of the parameters are invalid, they will be silently ignored unless they all are.

Returns the first parameter which is a valid price. This can be useful to specify a fallback price in case something is invalid i. If the first parameter is greater than 0, will return the second parameter. Otherwise, check will return the third parameter.

This is a special function for dealing with item conversions. The convert function has one required parameter which is the price source to be used in calculating the value of the items which convert to the target item.

This parameter cannot be a custom price string and must be simply a price source. Conversions include milling, prospecting, transforming e. The function will return the lowest cost of all possible conversions of the item. Any price source can be evaluated as a function where you pass an item link or item string in order to evaluate the price source for that specific item. By default, the price source will be evaluated for the item which the entire custom price is being evaluated for.

This also works for convert as the second parameter. Page: I have crafting operations setup but nothing is being restocked. TSM Knowledge Base. Page tree.The left part contains all of your recipes. The columns will show you how many you can craft with the items you have.

Numbers with a dash means, like for the War-Scrolls indicate you can craft 6 with the materials you have on the current character, and 44 if you include all the materials you have across all your characters. The profit column shows the expected profit. The crafting cost is calculated by summing the default material prices for the materials, and the sale price is calculated as the minimum buyout by default. The last column shows the region sale rate for the items.

This indicates the percentage of auctions that will sell as a decimal number. On the right side you can see the crafting queue. This is a list of crafts you want to craft and you can populate it by clicking the queue button at the bottom of the window with a craft selected, or with a crafting operation. Which is a lot more time-efficient! In the top left corner you can swap between crafts and groups. If you click groups you will get a list of all your groups that have a crafting operation applied to them.

BfA Goldmaking: The Veiled Crystal Leatherworking shuffle

If you click restock selected groups the crafting queue will be populated according to the logic in your crafting operations. The crafting reports view has two sub views: crafts and materials.

Crafts will give you a list of all of your crafts as well as their profitability. You can queue items by clicking on them. The materials view will show you the material price for all of the materials that are used in your recipes. You can change the price of any material by just searching for it and clicking it to change the default string. This is especially important for items like Expulsom where the default string will give an invalid price, so any items that use expulsom in their crafting will not have a valid crafting price source.

The last view is Gathering, and it is used to help you get the materials you need to craft everything you have in the crafting queue. You select one of your crafters and a profession and click Add tasks to list.

The TSM task list will then generate the tasks you need to do to get the required materials. It will go through your inventory and tell you which of your alts you should mail stuff from as well as what you need to buy from the AH. As with other operations Crafting operations are rules about how you want TSM to treat your items. Crafting operations can be incredibly useful, as you will not have to spend time figuring out how many of each item to craft, or the materials required.

Crafting operations can also be used to override the default value of the crafted item, which is useful for items with a random proc element, such as transmutation mastery transmutes or rank 3 alchemy consumables. You create the operation the same way you create any other operation, through the operations view, or from the group operations view for a group.

The Restock Quantity settings will be the most important settings by far for crafting operations. The minimum restock quantity is the minimum items you want to craft. This makes a lot of sense for items like glyphs, enchants etc.

expulsom price

The maximum restock quantity is the maximum amount of the item in question you want to have. This is the number it will restock up to, so if this is set to 20 and you have 15 items a restock will add 5 items to your crafting queue. The minimum profit can be used to set a minimum profit margin before items are added to the crafting queue.

This will mostly be the case for items with random procs, or if you know that you will sell your item for more than dbminbuyout. The craft value is used in the profit column in the crafting window, and by the crafting operation to calculate the profit. So if you use minimum profit amounts, it is important that this is set correctly! This is the simplest operation you can make, and it is perfect for crafted transmog.